Skilled Nursing Facilities

When executive purchasing officers and facility managers come to Zoetek for help with physical therapy equipment for their Rochester area facility, these are some of the common challenges and problems we help them solve.

Not certain we have the right amount of specific types of equipment, we don’t have a good way of planning for future purchases.

We help our customers understand their equipment needs through our intelligent maintenance system. Our intelligent maintenance system provides our customers with insight into the performance of their equipment and how they can save money with our Alternative Equipment Maintenance program or equipment leasing program.

Our current biomed service provider’s scheduling is unreliable and takes forever to get all of our equipment inspected.

With technicians located throughout Western New York, our team can typically respond within 24 hours for incoming inspection needs.

Our maintenance staff isn’t trained on therapeutic tubs and ceiling/floor lifts.

Our company has been servicing tubs, floor and ceiling lifts, and other physical therapy equipment at Rochester facilities for over thirty years with factory trained technicians. We have access to OEM parts and provide installation and in-service training solutions for our customers.

Our equipment lists are a mess. We don’t have a good way of tracking our inspection and repair information.

Zoetek Medical uses proprietary software for tracking customer equipment. Inspection and repair reports are sent out the day after service so our customers have the most up-to-date information so they’re ready for their next on-site inspection. Customers can access their records through our online portal or simply call our office for an updated report.

It feels like our current biomed service provider just stickers our equipment without thoroughly inspecting it.

Our technicians use a device-specific checklist for every inspection performed for our customers. We utilize specialized test equipment to verify safety and performance and provide our customers with detailed inspection reports identifying failures and recommendations. Our technicians in Rochester can inspect physical therapy equipment, floor and ceiling lifts, and much more.


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