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Preventative Maintenance, Calibrations and Repairs


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Healthcare practitioners and their staff are focused on caring for their patients. It’s a challenge to also focus on the time-consuming maintenance and repair that’s required to properly maintain the medical equipment they depend on. Zoetek Medical supports healthcare organizations in the Albany area by providing top-quality service for medical equipment. Our service meets the strictest regulatory guidelines to ensure your healthcare facility stays in compliance. We provide a quality medical management system that is ISO 9001:2015-certified, so your equipment can obtain accurate and consistent results. We also specialize in new and refurbished medical equipment sales in the Albany area.


Zoetek serves the medical community

Primary & Pediatric Providers

Vision and hearing screeners, scales, vaccine refrigerator/freezers, thermometers…

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Patient transfer, bathing, respirator therapy, beds, scales……


Anesthesia vaporizers, scales, autoclaves, EKG machines, infusion pumps…

Regional Hospitals

Complete clinical engineering services, sterilizers, washers…

Universities and Laboratories

Sterilizers, centrifuges, anesthesias, vaporizers…

Ambulatory Surgery

Surgical tables, electrosurgical units (ESU), surgical lights, C-arm, anesthesia units…

Urgent Care

Vital signs monitors, autoclaves, centrifuges, AEDs, scales…


Zoetek will assess, manage, and repair your medical equipment

Medical equipment standards are regulated by agencies such as AAMI, JCAHO, and NFPA. The staff at Zoetek Medical is certified to meet these regulations for inspections and calibrations, and we currently serve healthcare providers across the state of New York. Our cost-effective services are engineered with the goal of optimizing your internal processes and ensuring that your Albany area medical facility remains in compliance. When you trust your Albany facility’s medical equipment sales, maintenance, and calibration services to Zoetek, you can be confident knowing that your equipment will always be safe and ready to use. Whether it’s sterilization and industrial washing systems or BP devices and AEDs, we offer repair and maintenance services seven days a week.

When you partner with Zoetek, you’ll benefit from the experience of an OEM-trained staff and a team of AAMI-certified biomedical engineers. We’ll provide the precision needed for medical device inspection, calibration, and repair. Our medical equipment sales and service team in Albany has a guiding principle of serving customers and building a strong business. This has made our company thrive for over 39 years. Healthcare providers have unique needs, so we make sure to customize our service plans for optimal results. Let our team manage your medical equipment so you can prioritize your patient care.

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